Who doesn’t love when the new releases hit the shelves! This February we have five delicious new releases which are available right now in our shop. Get in quick so you don’t miss out on snatching up these lovely wines.

Tahbilk 2014 Winemakers’ Selection Marsanne


Many Wine Club Members would be familiar with, and thoroughly enjoyed, our Winemakers’ Selection Reds – limited availability, premium releases crafted from particular parcels of fruit each vintage that our winemaking team recognise as having the potential to produce wines of distinction. While the focus has been, and will continue to be, on our Reds, on occasion some of our Whites, beyond the existing premium portfolio, have also stood out as being something special, and these wines too have been set aside for later one-off release, the first being this Winemakers’ Selection 2014

Sourced from our 1927 Estate plantings, amongst the oldest in the world, the winemakers approached this 2014 vintage differently to the eponymous ‘1927 Vine’ Marsanne releases, crafting a more fruit forward
offering but with a healthy dose of older vine complexity that was also given the benefit of some five years bottle ageing.

On release we see restrained notes of honeysuckle, ginger and dried tangerine peel on top of slight citric fruit characters. The first impact on the palate is the strong acid backbone, then the flavours come through. The honeysuckle hallmark of Marsanne is prominent particularly across the rich mid-palate and continues down the throat.

12.5% Alcohol | Enjoy Now to 2030/2034

Tahbilk 2017 ‘Cane Cut’ Marsanne

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It shines as a current vintage release, it develops richness and character with age, it has an individual vineyard release from some of the oldest vines in the world, the winemakers have selected it (above) and it produces a delicious sparkling wine.

The it is of course Marsanne and it also impresses as a dessert wine where we cut the canes of the vine and allowing the fruit to hang prior to harvest thereby concentrating the flavours and sugars to produce a luscious wine.
Tahbilk 2017 ‘Cane Cut’ Marsanne is defined by succulent citrus marmalade and tropical fruit characters that sit alongside sweet smelling honeysuckle notes, counterbalanced by a clean, minerallyfreshness that lifts it beyond just its delicious sweetness. Match with a citrus tart or stinky cheese platter and enjoy!

10.5% Alcohol | Enjoy Now to 2025/2027

Tahbilk 2019 Roussanne

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A long time coming – for a reason – those Wine Club Members familiar with past releases will have to reframe what they know and embrace a new Roussanne style.

You will still find the familiar fresh citrus, kiwifruit and crunchy apple varietal characters but the winemakers have looked to the use of oak maturation and yeast lees stirring to raise the complexity and richness bar – hence the wait!

Deliciously textural with a bright acidity on the finish there is immediate enjoyment on offer alongside a yabby and olive oil linguine or rustic chicken with garlic gravy.

12.5% Alcohol | Enjoy Now to 2024/2026

Tahbilk 2018 Chardonnay

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There was a time when it seemed everyone was looking for some other white wine rather than Chardonnay, such was its ‘popularity curse’ (mind you even during the heady ABC – Anything But Chardonnay – days it continued to be Australia’s most consumed white).

The wheel has well and truly turned with the elegance and sophistication of releases such as our 2018 vintage, drawing people back to the varietal.

Turn your wheel back and embrace the toasty, mixed nuts and spicy French oak characters, honeydew melon and tropical fruit aromas and flavours of this latest release with an autumn baked risotto with squash, mushrooms and sage, or seafood terrine with Champagne beurre blanc sauce.

13.0% Alcohol | Enjoy Now to 2024/2026


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