The results are in and it’s a merry Christmas for everyone!

Tahbilk is again 100% certified carbon neutral for the financial year been and gone. While not in a natural offset position as yet we are another step closer to reaching our target next year. For those who are unaware, Tahbilk is certified at an organisation and product level with Toitu Envirocare as a carboNZero accredited business. We find this approach is more holistic and ensures we are achieving positive environmental outcomes across all elements of the business.

This year we have snuck in a further reduction of 2% in our total carbon emissions, taking us to a total reduction of 26% since we commenced in 2013. It seems small but every small step is a positive step for the planet.

The main good news story is with our largest carbon emission source – electricity consumption. This is an area we are constantly looking at.  As you will see on the graph below our electricity consumption continues to move on a downward trajectory. This was due to the introduction of solar in 2017 (where you see a large drop) and also in 2019 with the upgrade of our Chiller units in the winery. We are particularly proud of our energy consumption progress as business production continues to grow each year by an average of 4%.

The results also highlight to us we are running a pretty tight ship here and finding those carbon big wins is tricky business. Next financial year we will need to push hard to achieve a further 6% reduction on this year’s results if we are to become naturally balanced by the end of 2020 – as we would like. It will be tough but we’re confident we can do it.

As we contemplate how to continue to shift the dial for Tahbilk and the environment in a positive way we’re also thinking of what we can do this Christmas to contribute personally.

There are some awesome organisations out there who refurb or repurpose second hand gear. We do love the second hand. It feels pretty nice when you can donate your quality no longer needed gear and then purchase someone else’s quality second hand gear. The word on the street amongst the team here is picking up awesome second hand bikes, scooters, baby gear and clothes this way is a winning Christmas idea. So we all have the thinking caps on about which gifts can be second hand and there’s quite a few. It takes a bit more effort than just picking something new off the shelf but the effort is worth it. Every time.

Here at Tahbilk we wish you all a joyous Christmas!


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