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Tahbilk results from 2021 Halliday Wine Companion

For over thirty years James Halliday has been Australia’s most respected wine critic and his Halliday Wine Companion is recognised as the industry benchmark for Australian wine. We are proud to announce for his published 2021 edition Tahbilk are yet again a Five Red Star rated Winery, one of only 102 to receive his top ranking.

“Outstanding winery regularly producing wines of exemplary quality and typicity. Will have at least two wines rated 95 Points or above. And has had a 5-star rating for the previous two years. A Winery generally acknowledged to have had a long track record of excellence in the context of its region – truly the best of the best.”

2020 Marsanne | 93 Points | Top 100 wines under $25 

‘Tahbilk has made Marsanne its own, the quality and style seemingly set in stone, or should I say steel.
Citrus, apple and pear now, honeysuckle biding its time because it is certain to arrive in a year or two, when the texture of the wine will be transformed.’
James Halliday | The Weekend Australian | www.winecompanion.com.au

2016 Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz points | Gold

‘It is amazing how this unfurls in the glass. As it those old vines have a point to make – not so much ‘look at me’ rather, ‘I am all about grace’. Everything is just so. The red and blue fruits, the dash of spice and the cedary oak that’s tucked in well. It’s medium-bodied yet there’s length once the subtle tannins finish gliding across the palate.’ Screwcap. 13.7% alc. To 2042 $325  Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2015 Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz 96 points | Gold

‘The youthful colour, the flavours, the tannins and acidity all come from a small sandy rise immune to the ravages of phylloxera. The inclusion of a small amount of new French oak has lifted the opening stanza and the vintage conditions were considered to be among the best for many years. Its value cannot be adequately measured in points.’ Screwcap.14% alc. To 2045 $350  Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2019 Tahbilk Grenache Mourvedre Rose 95 points | Gold

‘Light, bright pink. A pleasing tussle between lively red fruits on the bouquet and mid-palate, complexity arriving on the finish with some spicy/savoury notes. Tahbilk is rightly establishing a reputation for this rose style.’ Screwcap, 13% alc. To 2023 $22  Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2016 Eric Stevens Purbrick Shiraz | 95 points | Gold

‘While the sweet, cedary oak needs more time to settle, there’s a gloss to this. Ripe fruit, woodsy spices and eucalyptus to the fore. It’s full of flavour and is a rich, but not humongous wine. Grip to the tannins and freshness throughout. Will be better with more time.’ Screwcap, 14.7% alc. To 2033 $72  Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2016 Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet Sauvignon | 95 points | Gold

‘This needed a jump start, as in air to rev it into action. After that it cruises along. It’ll offer cassis, woodsy spices, dried herbs and some gritty texture. What surprises, it is medium-bodied with fine tannins. Screwcap. 13.9% alc. To 2030 $72 Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2017 Old Vines Cabernet Shiraz | 95 points | Gold

‘This has morphed into a harmonious wine. Expect dark sweet plums and cherries doused in cinnamon and star anise with some herbal tones. A savoury overlay, all earthy and ferrous with lovely, supple tannins. Screwcap. 14.4% alc. To 2032 $46  Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2015 Eric Stevens Purbrick Cabernet sauvignon | 94 points | Silver

‘Has retained remarkably fresh colour, its freshness on the palate repeating the message. Indeed, it speaks of elegance, not normally a feature of the Tahbilk style. The only question is how long will it take to flesh out?’ Screwcap. 14% alc. To 2030 $72 Halliday Wine Companion 2021

2019 Tahbilk Marsanne  | 93 points | To 2039 

2014 Tahbilk 1927 Vines Marsanne  | 92 points | To 2024  

2018 Tahbik Shiraz | 92 points To 2026  

2017 Tahbilk Cane Cut Marsanne  | 92 points | To 2023 

2018 Tahbilk Roussanne Marsanne Viognier  | 91 points | To 2024  

2014 Tahbilk Museum Release Marsanne |  90 points | To 2024  

2018 Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre  | 90 points |To 2023  

2017 Tahbilk Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre  | 90 points | To 2023  

Results from Halliday Wine Companion 2020

Overall Tahbilk achieved outstanding results for Shiraz, Marsanne and Cabernet Sauvignon reviewed by David Bicknell of Halliday Wine Companion 2020. 

2015 Tahbilk ‘1860 Vines’ Shiraz | 95 points | “There’s so much about this wine that speaks of Tahbilk and central Victorian Shiraz in general. It’s not a shouty, flash, everything-turned-up, wine. It’s more considered and conversational. A sheen of glossy ripe black fruit nuanced with eucalyptus plus cedar from winemaking inputs. Al dente tannins that present differently to all other wines they produce. And all within the sensible medium-bodied structure that is common to all their wines.” David Bicknell | Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2013 Tahbilk ‘1927 Vines’ Marsanne | 92 points | “Bright, straw and less ebullient than the Museum Release Marsanne [2013 Marsanne – see overleaf]. The toast from bottle age is just starting to take hold of the wine, waxy lemons and pear fruit still in abundance: but this is more delicate and elegant, the lower alcohol giving a more water-based rather than vinous sensation, the acidity like a squirt of fresh lemon juice. There are still years in this wine and with that, greater improvement.” ~ Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2015 Tahbilk ‘Eric Stevens Purbrick’ Cabernet Sauvignon | 92 points | “Mature garnet with a bright red hue. Fresh fruit diminishing with bottle age to ripe, poached black fruit, parade gloss, toast and cedar. The oak sitting high on the fruit, the tannins, silty and earthy, leaving a distinct savoury aftertaste.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2015 Tahbilk ‘Eric Stevens Purbrick’ Shiraz | 94 points | “Pretty much my mind’s eye for Central Victoria. A layer of glossy black and blue fruit laced with eucalyptus and hints of brown spice. And while there is substantially more extract and tannins in play here, there’s still smooth flow actross the palate, making a good bet each way. Now or the cellar, it should reward.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2016 Tahbilk ‘Old Vines’ Cabernet Shiraz | 93 points | “A big, dark and brooding looking traditional blend. Layers of glossy ripe black fruit, cedar, earth, spice and wood smoke. The palate surprisingly more medium-bodied with fresh blackberry and redcurrant freshness running the length, chalky tannins in tow. Good now but will keep.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

And there is more……

2017 Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon | 93 points | “Elegant, fresh and linear. Purple red in colour of medium depth. It’s all fresh, blackcurrant and blackberry, pie-like vanilla crust with a sprinkle of vanilla. The cooler season bringing more precise and higher contrast fruit with slightly chalky tannins. The framework more refined, the result better.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2016 Tahbilk Cabernet Sauvignon | 91 points | “From 28ha of Estate vines dating back to ’49, matured for 18 months in predominately French oak. In typical Tahbilk fashion, medium-bodied and well structured, has blackcurrant fruit, bramble, earth and bay leaf inputs at various points along the journey. Taken together, the fruit swells in the mouth, asserting the great value this wine offers.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2017 Tahbilk Shiraz | 93 points | “Dark red with garnet hues. This is fresh and lively with blackcurrant and plum to the fore, spice from oak maturation later, and in complete balance. Tannins are ripe and fruit based too, infusing a nice cherry pip character to the medium-bodied flow of the wines. Drink now or hold for medium term.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2016 Tahbilk Shiraz | 94 points | “Dark red with garnet hues. This is fresh and lively with blackcurrant and plum to the fore, spice from oak maturation later, and in complete balance. Tannins are ripe and fruit based too, infusing a nice cherry pip character to the medium-bodied flow of the wines. Drink now or hold for medium term”.Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2018 Tahbilk Marsanne | 94 points | “Tahbilk knows Marsanne like the back of its hand, having long established the varietal-site bond. This is akin to a 1yo Semillon but with a greater span of aromas and flavours. Honeysuckle and straw on the bouquet, then pear and Granny Smith apple flavours bound by citrusy acidity.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

2013 Tahbilk Marsanne | 95 points | “Full straw and mature looking. Strong, toasty bottle-aged notes. Waxy lemons, ripe pear and melon skins. Elegant., soft and almost pillowy to taste with hints of grapefruit pith and a clean lemon-citrus line of acidity giving both line and length. Excellent mature white wine that is ready to drink now.” Halliday Wine Companion 2020

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