It is one of our favourite times of year the annual warehouse sale here at Tahbilk. If you’re planning on stocking up you might be wondering how you get those wines home. Or even if you can’t make it this year you might be planning your next cellar door visit.

So how can you get your wine home safely after a big day out or a weekend away?

We recommend you start by thinking about these top tips –

The most important place to start is to think about temperature control. Those of us who live on farm and are used to a large commute from supermarket to house would be very familiar with the information we are about to share. But for those who aren’t across the traumas of a longer car journey this information is for you.

Consistent temperature control is the key to a happy wine journey so pick the place in your car which offers the most stable environment. Possibly not on the dash of the car and think about whether the boot is appropriate.

Car boot 101:

  • If the boot is nice and deep not subjected to heat – great
  • If it is open with the rest of the car and accessible to air conditioning – perfect
  • If it is a shallow boot enclosed and prone to heating up in the sun – not so good

We will say you can rest easy most of the time on temperature as it would have to get pretty hot, close to 36 degrees inside the car, to really cause some havoc on your wines. Anything cooler and a short stint in the car shouldn’t be an issue.

If you are travelling overnight it is worth bringing the wine inside the house. Just in case. Although again, if you have a lot of wine then leaving it in the car under shade or cover is ok as well.

And, this is very important if you are picking up some older wines at a warehouse sale, if the wine you have purchased is under cork make sure you put it in the car lying down or upside down to keep the cork moist. Nothing like a dried out cork to ruin your wine every time.

Follow these top tips and you can be guaranteed your wine will be safe and sound as you pull up in the drive at home.

Don’t forget most wineries will also ship the wine to your door on your behalf, just be mindful of the cost they might charge you. At Tahbilk we will freight it to your door at no extra cost when you purchase a minimum dozen and live anywhere on the East Coast of Australia.

To send it over to Tassie, Western Australia or Northern Territory be prepared for a small fee of $12 per carton (12 pack). Not because we don’t value all of our customers, just because Australia is a huge country and getting to these locations is a challenge.

Do you have any bad wine moving stories to share? We’d love to hear them!





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