We’re not trying to intentionally ruin the next time you sink your teeth into that soft, delicious, sweet jam filled doughnut but after reading this article it might shift the way you think about what’s going down your gullet.

A lot of us know about the infamous sugar high. Sugary foods taste so good at the time – they perk us up and then usually let us down gently….most of the time. And we know that indulging on a lot of sweet foods is not great for our health. But we’re all human. Just because we know, doesn’t mean we listen. Maybe it is time we started?

Our ‘mood’ (great word by the way) is our state of mind or if you like a temporary feeling. It can be influenced instantaneously by an event or stimulus, our mental health. For some our mood is pretty consistent and for others that temporary feeling of ‘moodiness’ can linger on for a lot longer than we would like.

We have all experienced the mood swing. One second we’re feeling on top of the world, then within minutes the boss walks in and turns our life upside down…..or we’re having a difficult, miserable day in the office, we take a step outside in the beautiful sunshine and our mood picks up and so does our energy level.

Generally we get out of a mood with patience and time but don’t you think it is great to know we can help to keep our mood under control simply by the foods we choose to eat? Just by putting the right nutrients into our diet can improve not only our mood but also can help to tame stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression.

Do you believe it?

If you don’t then you haven’t spent 10 days kooked-up in a caravan with a 3 year old and a 5 year old on a diet of sugar and naughtiness to observe this in action…trust us. It is all you need to observe to be sure this is true.

If you’re a doubter give these seasonal mood foods a go and see what you think. It just might change your mind:

#1 Sardine

The sardine is an under rated fish. Deliciously oily and rich in omega 3 helps to improve mood problems by influencing the brains neurotransmitters, lessening inflammation.

#2 Garlic

Believe it or not, packed into this tiny morsel are essential oils, vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and C6) plus plenty more good stuff. No wonder the Italians have a long happy life!

#3 Fennel

A much underrated cooking addition fennel is the perfect mood food for your next meal. This one is perfect for keeping you indigestion healthy, relaxing the muscles in the body and helping to reduce inflammation. Get into it as a good gut equals good vibes.

# 4 Blood Orange

There is nothing like a fresh orange picked from the tree and we’re in luck, they are in season. Not only does the humble orange act as a good mood air freshener, they are chock full of Vitamin C, folic acid and Vitamin B. All of which help to both lower stress and bring you out of your next negative mood.

Not sure if your convinced by those ingredients try cooking them up with one of our favourite recipes from Australian Gourmet Traveller – Sardines with Fennel and Orange – this one just might convert you to the other side.

So what are you waiting for? Add a new mood food into your life. You never know, it might be the start of something pretty special.





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