• Who doesn’t love a great dinner party, especially when there’s something a little extra to surprise and delight. However, if you’ve ever felt like you need a holiday after hosting a dinner party, and have left a ton of washing up for the next day, there is nothing like a suite of tips to get you thinking about the perfect night. There will come a time when you can enjoy the night as much as your guests!

Taking the approach that a dinner party is all about appearing to be a hostess with the mostest, making people feel comfortable, wowing them with your cooking prowess and setting the right mood for the night. Well, we would like to think hosting is a much more subtle affair and the key to a great dinner party is having a few tricks up your sleeve so you can let your hair down and enjoy it just as much as your guests.

So, after asking our array of dinner party lovers here at Tahbilk, we’ve come up with our essential list of dinner party musts to ensure you, the host, can have a great night too.

  1. Pop some bubbles 

Sparkling wine is one of the best ways to start off the evening, not only is it a refreshing pallet cleanser, it’s delicious, fun and perfect with some light nibbles while you wait for all your guests to arrive.

Choose a menu that won’t tie you to the kitchen

Is there anything worse than being stuck in the kitchen cooking while your guests are having a wow of a time? Unless you enjoy being in the back drop we would recommend you to pick a menu where you can pre-prepare almost everything. With only a few finishing touches required. We think it is so nice to walk into a house for a dinner party to smell a delicious aroma from the kitchen. Not only will it feel welcoming, guests can be assured the food is actually on the way so there won’t be too much waiting around before tucking in.

Who sits next to who?

While this is something which is not always an issue, if you have more than a table of 4 or are mingling a new group of friends, we always like to think about where to sit people before they arrive. It really saves the ‘where would you like me to sit?’ question and the resultant unsure response. Save yourself the worry on the night by thinking about it before hand.

Choose the wines ahead of time – direct your guests with what to bring!

When your guest asks what to bring be specific. Ask them to bring a wine you think will match with the food and the expectation it will be drunk! Not only will this empower your guests and get them thinking it will also will help you out on the night.

Transition into another area

Weather you meander to the lounge, garden or the balcony its always good to make a move to another zone of the house, giving time for a quick whip around of the kitchen! A change of scene can often perk up the conversation and if your guests have children it’s a wise choice to have an activity arranged. They will be excited to see each other so have some movies, games or an agreed bed time with your guests sorted out.

Finish with coffee to signal nights closing

If you are like our team here, we like to know when the night will be coming to a close. Coffee is a great way to signal – we’re on the final stages of the night – to your guests. It also means your guests can be reassured there is no awkward ‘when should we leave?’ moments.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well in the way to enjoying catching up long into the night!


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