May is mindfulness awareness month, a month long campaign which encourages everyone to take 10 minutes a day for themselves. The month long campaign  ( was created by a mix of organisations who play in the lifestyle space, who created a month long meditation program which is delivered online and teaches you how to mediate and at the same time generates a donation for a good cause (tax deductible if you are based in the USA).

We have no idea whether the online course is worth the $49USD but we do like the idea of dedicating May to being mindful. Or as we see it as being more present and in the moment – as put by John Kabat-Zinn ‘Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience’ (Center for Mindfulness in Medicine). We agree!

So what can you do in our region which is particularly relaxing and might bring you into a state of mindfulness this May? Apart from being based in the countryside, hence the natural luxury of wide open spaces and sprawling eye-candy, we would recommend:

Walking in nature

Tahbilk Wetlands Walk

The Tahbilk Wetlands Walking trails are truly a mesmerising experience. Walk the 6km circuit and give yourself the opportunity to both get the blood flowing through the body and time to think. If you haven’t heard of walking meditation give it a go. Instead of sitting it is an active form of meditation which encourages you to be consciously aware as you move around the natural environment strengthening your concentration and connecting you in the moment.

Going on a Yoga Retreat

Clear view Retreat

Located a bit of a distance from us we couldn’t recommend Clearview Retreat enough to those looking for a true yoga experience. Located in King Parrot Valley, backing onto the Tallarook forest they offer a range of workshops which are relaxing and offer time for reflection and body/mind healing.

Relaxing at the Day Spa

Mitchelton Wines

Newly opened Mitchelton Day Spa is an experience we highly recommend you put on your schedule when visiting the region. They offer a range of treatments including a special package for kids from foot baths and scrubs to hot stone massage; it really is a place where you can relax and unwind.

If you’re not sure where to start with mindfulness, maybe a peaceful activity is your first step? Practicing being mindful on a daily basis is certainly a routine we would encourage whether it means getting outside for that walk or taking time out for yourself so you can be more present and in the moment.

The month of May might just be the perfect time to kick-start that new routine!



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