Tahbilk transitioned to screw caps over a 5 year period. Now you will find all of the current release wines are under screw instead of cork.

First let’s touch on the benefits of the screw cap and why you are seeing all of Tahbilk wines bottled in this way.  Screw caps provide the best seal for bottled wines, eliminating cork taint and oxidation problems. It is true that screw caps may lessen the romance of opening a bottle; however, the payoff is a taint-free wine which offers optimum quality and consistent aging whilst maintaining flavour and freshness.

Wines with a screw cap closure should be stored in the same manner as a bottle with a cork, that is, in a dark place free from vibrations with a cool steady temperature preferably below 18ºC.  However, a screw cap bottle can be stored upright; it doesn’t need to be stored on its side unlike its predecessors the cork.

With cork closures, it is critical that bottles are stored on their sides. This is because the corks will dry out over time and crumble unless they are kept wet. A dry cork can let in enough air to oxidize the wine, resulting in spoilage.  Long-term cellaring under cork also require maintenance, given that the corks can become crumbly and leak, bottles need to be consumed or re-corked.

On the other hand, because of the totally inert seal provided by the screw cap, it doesn’t matter if you store bottles upright, on their side or upside down.  One just needs be careful that the caps are kept free from any damage such as dints and scrapes which could allow air to enter the bottle.

Follow all of these steps and you should be enjoying some great wines under screw cap long into the future!



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