Learn a little more about your Pinot Noir.

Aussie pronunciation ‘pee-no-nwar’

A fussy grape.

Exploding onto the Australian wine scene in the 1990s this temperamental grape is now a favourite variety. The thing about Pinot is first it has a delicate thin skin and second it has big broad leaf coverage. These two factors combine mean it is a tough gig to grow Pinot in locations where you might be susceptible to temperature fluctuation, sun burn and rot/mildew. This is why you’ll find most Pinot growing in a nice windy location, cool and consistent in temperature.

The diva of the wine world.

How sophisticated do we feel when we whip out a glass of Pinot Noir? We not only call it the diva because of its unique growing requirements but also because of its sophisticated light-bodied yet intense aromatics. Treated with tender loving care in Australia, this varietal is a true wine diva.

Hidden in the Burgundy.

You may not know that Pinot Noir is the secret grape behind the infamous Burgundy wines in France and the only varietal grown on the Cote D’Or. The heartland of the Pinot Noir grape. Your Burgundian wines are barrel aged, delicate and finessed with great prestige. Not all of us can afford this fine drop and might look for a local alternative BUT if you can get your hands on one you won’t be disappointed.

Tahbilk Style

In a unique circumstance for Tahbilk this grape is not grown on the property so we could acquire a premium drop for your bottle. Our climate is not suited to the diva of all grapes.

The Tahbilk Pinot Noir hails from the cool climate of Victoria’s Yea Valley. Full-bodied with distinguishing strawberry, dark cherry and spice characters, there are mushroom and floral backgrounds contributing to a delicious complexity.

Food Match Tips

Depending on the style of the Pinot Noir, a fruiter Pinot would be best suited to salmon (or another fatty style fish) or a roast chicken. But on the flip side, the more delicate and savoury version would pair perfectly with your game style food like roast duck. Oh and don’t forget a Pinot Noir and Bree go like a duck to water.

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