Aussie pronunciation ‘gre-nash’

You say Grenache I say Garnacha.

The quintessential red wine grape is a widely used component of Spanish blends. In fact it is one of the most widely planted grape varietals in the world. Garnacha derives from its homeland of Spain and whilst generally blended away is finding its feet as a single varietal wine on many people’s tables.

The unlikely hero.

Grenache is one of the most widely planted varietals in the world but still is reasonably unknown. Grenache is a pretty special grape in Australia. It’s soft tannins and elegant perfume is providing wineries located in the warmer regions the opportunity to add some elegance to their portfolio as an alternative to Pinot Noir.

And it comes in white too.

While red Grenache or Garnacha tinta dominates the wine bottles there is also a smaller contingent of White Garnacha or Garnatxa blanca which is making ways into the Rhone blends of North East Spain. Unlikely to see it on the shelf as a single variety wine but next time you pick up your Rhone blend you might be surprised.

Tahbilk Style

The Tahbilk Grenache is in the spotlight under the Dalfarras range of wines where we let its lifted and spicy, raspberry and cherry characters shine. We also blend it as part of our Tahbilk Grenache Mourvedre Rose; an elegant drop that doesn’t rely on residual sugar to add charm.

Food Match Tips

Grenache is usually a higher alcohol red which means you want to match it with something equally hearty. Given the nature of the wine it really does a good job at balancing out your rich tomato based dishes and root vegetables. And don’t forget its origins in Spain, which means Spanish and Portugese style cooking can be the perfect accompaniment.

If you like Grenache you will also like….

If what you like about Grenache is the rich but delicate savoury nature of the wine we’d be pointing you in the direction of also trying a Merlot or a Tempranillo. They are slightly different in style but maintain their bold red authority.