As we get into 2017 I have been doing a lot of reflection about our pathway towards becoming a sustainable business, one which has a balanced approach to profit, people and the planet. Where do the environment and our carbon footprint fit amongst this idea and how do they help create a sustainable business model?

Reflecting on where we have been has been powerful for me.

In 1993 we made a conscious decision to focus on maintaining and improving the natural balance of the landscape. We planted large portions of marginal land back to native vegetation through the assistance of grant funding and partnerships. 23 years on we have approx. 150 ha under vegetation, 12% of the total land available at Tahbilk.

We truly believe planting trees will help to maintain our meso climate, keeping temperatures consistent and aiding high fruit quality.

In 2005 we wanted to share our love of the bush with our visitors by opening the wetlands & wildlife reserve walking tracks and boat cruises.

It was incredibly rewarding to see people touch and feel the natural environment, the wildlife and bush landscape. If you haven’t been, now is a great time to get those walking boots on.

We progressed in more recent times to measuring our carbon footprint, looking to reduce our reliance on non-renewable inputs.

Initially we started auditing our carbon footprint as a global commitment to the earth warming and the possibility of an Emissions Trading Scheme.

These days we have found the audit brings so much more value. It provides us with a benchmarking program to measure the success of our environmental projects and their subsequent bottom line savings. So we are nailing planet and pretty solid on profit, so where to next people?

Our team is ready to move forward to look deeply at our culture and making sure we are all committed to continuous improvement.

Finding small efficiencies at every stage of the process to improve our customer experience and boost employee happiness; rounding out our sustainable business ethos – balancing profit, people and the planet.

Every year, we also have exciting environmental aspirations on the cards; organics, research and development, innovation and more.

There is never a dull moment to share and I look forward to bringing it to you throughout the year in a range of different ways; so make sure you’re tapping into Tahbilk online.

For now, stay well.


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