Well, I have lots to share with you while we are finalising our carboNZero audit results for the 2016 financial year. It is looking like we are tracking well on the way to achieving our 2020 aspirations to become naturally carbon balanced.

We told you last audit we would focus on our recycling and introduce solar energy. I am happy to say both these activities are on track.

Our recycling program rolled out initially to the cafe who promptly adapted to composting all of their food waste. This quick action means we will likely see some positive impacts in our carbon figures this year, due to a reduction in our contribution to landfill. The cafe has also introduced biodegradable coffee cups and napkins; with a look in the near future to switching our chemical use to environmentally friendly products.

In the cellar yard our new recycling bin system for customers is in place. You’ll see we now have bins for green waste, recycling and rubbish. As well, I’m happy to report, our employee lunch rooms are now kitted out with their own recycle stations and everyone is well underway in utilising the new system.

It’s a great team effort!

I can also let you know that solar will be hitting our warehouse rooves over the coming months with the application of a 100kW system. This is an exciting first step for us into the world of renewable energy and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Keep an eye out also as you drive into the winery for all our new revegetation which is sprouting up. It has taken off really well over the summer/autumn period and rounds out our total area under revegetation to 150ha.

If you have any suggestions about other things we could be doing for the environment – get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!


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