The results are in!

We are 100% carboNZero certified in 2015 and 14% lighter than the same time last year. (Read about our results: CARBONZERO CERTIFIED)

I mentioned in my October/November 2015 musings I was looking to improving our recycling. Well, this project is well underway.

When I first started, the prospect of reducing 200,000kg of landfill waste was daunting, so we went back to basics and completed a few waste audits around the property. Wasn’t this an eye-opening process!

It was clear we recycle paper/cardboard and glass very well but we’d overlooked how we treat our customer and employee waste. The audits revealed we could be recycling 80% of our overall waste, from customer waste in the Cellar Yard and at the Cafe through to our own staff lunch rooms.

The task seemed a little less daunting than I first anticipated and a relatively easy fix by improving the way we collect waste in these areas. Next time you visit I hope you see our new recycle station in the Cellar Yard as an obvious visual identifier that our grand plan is underway.

While sometimes I think to myself, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?”, I’m always reminded, it’s never too late to start.

The future is looking good.


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