People who know me well would not be surprised to see me get all passionate when talking about farming and the environment. Natural resource management is an area I have always been very interested in and something which really pushes my buttons.

As Tahbilk has continued to evolve the business towards being more environmentally aware I have met some extremely innovative people and this only pushes me on further to create a completely sustainable business which my children can be proud to be associated with.

With the release of our new labels I wanted to make sure our Wine Club Members felt comfortable with the move and weren’t compelled to think negative thoughts about the direction the winery is taking towards measuring our Carbon footprint. While some businesses have beaten the negative drum in relation to the carbon tax line with the government, we see it very differently.

The best way to start is to explain what the Carbon Trading Scheme was all about. In a nut shell it was designed to be similar to how we now treat water, a tradable commodity whereby you pay for the privilege of its use. We put a price on water to make people, as individuals or in their businesses, think more about the ways they were using water, was it effective, was it sustainable and was it efficient. At the time it was hugely controversial and I can say, putting on my farmer’s wife hat, for the farming community it is still a hot topic in the industry.

The Carbon Pricing Scheme is designed to have the same effect as a price on water. Designed to make us think about what we are doing. Carbon emissions are created through the use of natural resources, the stuff we dig out of the ground, to make electricity, fertilisers, chemicals, diesel fuels, packaging and the like. All of those inputs are then used by business to make their products which they sell to individuals to use in their day to day lives.

So, for us, regardless of whether the government sees a price on carbon as important, measuring our carbon footprint is an effective way to monitor our emissions and then implement emission reducing activities which will ultimately benefit us financially in the long term. This is a win-win both for our Wine Club Members and for Tahbilk as it means we can maintain and/or improve the future quality and value of our wines.

Ok, I have had my little ‘thinking out loud’ episode and now it’s for you to decide but, in any case, hopefully what I have said sheds some extra light on what we are doing and why.

Something to think about.

I’ll also leave you with something to think about – if you weren’t fined for speeding on the roads, would you speed?


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