Is anyone else excited we are moving from summer to autumn? A most delightful time of year where the colours of the trees turn into a brilliant auburn and we can walk a little more lightly on our toes between a cool breeze rather than a scorching sun; jumping from shade to shade.

So what should we do with our wine drinking habits, are there wines which might better fit this transition in the seasons?

Typically you might be thinking hmmm well I’ll be moving away from my Sauvignon Blanc and towards a heart-warming Pinot Grigio. You might be considering leaving behind your crisp Riesling with seafood and salad to a richer Chardonnay with chicken or duck, and so on.

But you’ve got to ask yourself – are there a better food and wine match then a five year old Riesling with your fish and chips, or a juicy Marsanne with a Caesar Salad? Probably not. And just because we are heading into Autumn must we abandon our favourite menu items….no surely not.

Shock horror we also probably shouldn’t limit ourselves to simply drinking wine, but instead embrace some of the traditions of our European friends. Pull any young, fresh chilled white out of the fridge, add some ice, some fruit (and maybe some soda water) and ‘voila’ – sangria! Leave out the fruit if you like and add fruit juice, or just the ice. As our head winemaker Neil Larson’s very pragmatic uncle says “You paid the money – you make the rules.”

If you’re a wine purist you may be recoiling in shock right now, but wine isn’t the Mona Lisa, it’s not sacrilege to put a moustache on it. Neil has a different relative who keeps her red wines in the crisper with the lettuce and vegetables. Different, but we’ve all very much enjoyed a cool glass of her Shiraz on several occasions.

Or let’s see. We could instead during this transition go for the opposite. Like some mulled wine (Google a recipe) on a cool, crisp autumn morning – we think those Scandinavians are definitely onto something.

And don’t forget wine can also be mixed with spirits – one of Neil’s family favourites between summer and autumn pre-dinner drinks is an Aperol spritz:

Add a couple of ice cubes and a slice of orange to a large wine glass, then 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water. Delish!

There are many more of course, and the internet is a great way to find refreshing options (and usually some friendly debate).

And on occasion maybe even enjoy a cold craft beer!

Whatever you choose we are sure you’ll handle the weather cool down just fine.



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