The story behind the grape

Pruning with purpose

As any keen gardener would know pruning is an annual activity which some of us look

You say Muscat, I say Moscato

Aussie pronunciation: mo-ska-toh Moscato is a wine style derived from the Muscat grape. The Muscat family

1860 Vines Shiraz

Tahbilk follows traditional wine-making techniques to create the Shiraz, fermenting in open oak vats, followed by

Ask a Winemaker

Top 3 tips for getting wine home safely in the car

It is one of our favourite times of year the annual warehouse sale here at Tahbilk. If you’re planning on stocking up you might be wondering how you get those wines home. Or even if you can’t make it this year you might be planning

How to set up my wine cellar

Pruning with purpose

Degree Days Unlocked

Environmental Sustainability

Degree Days Unlocked

Have you ever wondered why wine writers refer to degree days when they are writing their wine prose? Maybe you haven’t even noticed the reference ‘DD’ or ‘HDD’ or ‘GDD’ before.

The stories that you drink

How to set up my wine cellar

Lately we have had a lot of people asking about how to set up their wine cellar. Not everyone has a heap of space in their house or an underground old

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