A Beautiful Place

A beautiful place

The story of Tahbilk begins with the land and the river. <p>This place is known as tabilk-tabilk, ‘place of many waterholes’ in the language of

The Stories That You Drink

Join The Club

Join the Club

Joining the Tahbilk Wine Club means you’ll get inside knowledge of all things Tahbilk including top wines, and you’ll get to know the inside people behind the scenes.

Environmental Sustainability


Tahbilk has always had a tread lightly approach to it’s vineyard management, so it was a no-brainer to decide to head down the route to organic vineyard production.

Biodiversity – All living things

by Hayley Purbrick (Environment Manager) It feels like a long time ago

Bushfires and the impact on grape growing.

There is an overwhelming amount of coverage happening right now in Australia

Grape Varietals

Pruning the vine canes

Pruning with purpose

As any keen gardener would know pruning is an annual activity which some of us look forward to with glee. It is a time of chopping off limbs to make way for new growth and life.

You say Muscat, I say Moscato

Aussie pronunciation: mo-ska-toh Moscato is a wine style derived from the Muscat

1860 Vines Shiraz

Tahbilk follows traditional wine-making techniques to create the Shiraz, fermenting in open